Season 2019/2020

Altogether 10 teams competed in 2019/2020. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exclusive, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), Saue, Avaeksperdid, Kuusalu, Spordiguru, Viking and PVH. It was a unique season due to Corona and the winner was based on the placement after the full played series without the regular playoff.

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Season 2017/2018

Altogether 7 teams competed in 2017/2018. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exklusive, Tieto, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), ViaBet and KMK.

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Winners of 2017/2018 season - BRIGADA


Season 2016/2017

Altogether 5 teams competed in 2016/2017. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exklusive, Tieto and Valdo´s blue boys. 

Winners of 2016/2017 season - V.B.B.

Winners of 2016/2017 season - V.B.B.

Season 2015/2016

First season in Jödö League we had 4 teams

Jödö, F1-FC, Sport Leaders & LinnSystems

Winners of 2015/2016 season - F1-FC