Article number: BER-1903203
Smart flooring floor for home exercise.
If you want to practice shots, passes and technique at home, this is perfect for you. We at JFL Shop use the same floor when testing sticks and blades. Tiles are 30.3 x 30.3cm.
Don't forget to buy the Bergo Floor Key so you can easily disassemble the tiles if you want to move the floor.

Supplier information:
BERGO MULTISPORT is used extensively as floor flooring at various tournaments and is recommended by the Swedish floorball association. Fits just as well inside and outside, in all climates and weather conditions. Is comfortable to walk on, even barefoot in our hottest countries and has a gentle surface that minimizes fall injuries.
Some multifunctions that the product offers:
- Easy to put - without nails, screws or glue.
- Movable.
- Adapts to the subfloor - need not be perfectly smooth surface
- Ideal for worn asphalt and cracked concrete
- Withstands all climates and environments, both indoors and outdoors
- Draining and ventilating all-weather course, allows the substrate to breathe and dries quickly after rain.
- Ergonomic and sound-absorbing, withstands high point loading and provides correct bounce throughout the track.
- Food-approved non-organic material (non-moisture absorption).
- Maintenance free and extremely durable.


Jödö League is an amateur league with no connection to IFF or Eesti saalihoki liit.

Any team is welcome to apply for the league. The cost is a small fee to the league, rent of a sport venue and referee fee.

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