Article number: ULT-SD567200
The large bag fits the team well. Pre-packed with a wide range of damage management products. The bag contains: 

Super Elastic Bandage 1 pc
Compression pad Kidney 1 pc
Compression Cushion Rec. 1 st
Adhesive Bandage 1 pc
Cohesive Stretch Tape 1 pcs
Underwrap 1 st
Liniment Pro 1 pc
China Balm 1 pc
Cooling bag 4 pcs
Cooling spray 1 pc
Medipeed Mix 6-pack 1 pc
Horseshoe plate 2 pcs

Textile patches 1 pcs
Surgery tape 1 pc
Cotton Pads 1 pcs
Gas band 2 pcs
Gazin compress sterile 2 pcs
Skin Wash 1 pcs
Massage oil 1 pc
Tape Scissors 1 pc
Dressing scissors 1 pcs
Tweezers 1 pc
Nail scissors 1 pc
First aid bag Large 1 pcs


Jödö League is an amateur league with no connection to IFF or Eesti saalihoki liit.

Any team is welcome to apply for the league. The cost is a small fee to the league, rent of a sport venue and referee fee.

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