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Season 2022/2023

Altogether 10 teams competed in 2021/2022. 

Jödö, SNSK, Exclusive, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), M&B, Kuusalu, Arenculle, Beer Bees, NNT and PVH. It was a tight season among four top teams only a few points difference through the entire season and position 1 & 2 in the series was not settled until the last game of the series was done. Exclusive finally claimed the long awaited gold medal after 2 earlier attempts, and it was a rerun of last season final between PVH and Exclusive but this time around Exclusive came out on top and brought the gold home. Season 22/23 had a record braking of 10 teams and we managed to land 2 sponsors.

match historik 22-23 5 första omgångarna.PNG
match historik 22-23 4 sista omgångarna.PNG
Liga tabell och spelar stat 22-23.PNG
medals (2).png

Season 2021/2022

Altogether 8 teams competed in 2021/2022. 

Jödö, 2-Exclusive, Exclusive, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), M&B (used to be SAUE), Kuusalu, Tabasalu Young Guns and PVH. It was a the tightest season in our history, all teams managed to get at least a draw and have points in the leaderboard this has never happened before.

VBB struggled due to Corona restrictions and showed up with few players for each game and had to struggle throughout the season.

PVH got to claim the win at the end and Exclusive ended up with another silver medal will they come back next season to finally claim the gold? we will see. Thank you to all teams and people that have been referees and in the secretariat.

matches results 21-22.PNG
Leaderboard 21-22.PNG

Season 2020/2021

Altogether 11 teams competed in 2020/2021. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exclusive, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), Saue, Avaeksperdid, Kuusalu, Spordiguru, Tabasalu Young Guns, 2-Exclusive  and PVH. It was a unique season due to Corona and we only managed four of 11 planned rounds. No winner this season due to Corona.

matches 20-21.JPG
table 20-21.JPG

Season 2019/2020

Altogether 10 teams competed in 2019/2020. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exclusive, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), Saue, Avaeksperdid, Kuusalu, Spordiguru, Viking and PVH. It was a unique season due to Corona and the winner was based on the placement after the full played series without the regular playoff.

19-20 matches.JPG
19-20 final standing.JPG

Winners of 2019/2020 season - SAUE

SAUE 20-21.jpg
JFL league 2018-2019.JPG

Season 2017/2018

Altogether 7 teams competed in 2017/2018. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exklusive, Tieto, Valdo´s blue boys (VBB), ViaBet and KMK.

match resultat serien.JPG
Standing table.JPG
finaler och slut resultat.png

Winners of 2017/2018 season - BRIGADA


Season 2016/2017

Altogether 5 teams competed in 2016/2017. 

Jödö, F1-FC, Exklusive, Tieto and Valdo´s blue boys. 

League table 2016-2017.JPG

Winners of 2016/2017 season - V.B.B.

Winners of 2016/2017 season - V.B.B.

Season 2015/2016

First season in Jödö League we had 4 teams

Jödö, F1-FC, Sport Leaders & LinnSystems

Matches 2015-2016.JPG

Winners of 2015/2016 season - F1-FC

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