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Jödö MTÜ is a sports club that was founded in 2015 with the goal of making floorball accessible to everyone. We are open to all people from 15 years and up and strive to increase the amount of people playing floorball in Estonia. Our passion for the sport is evident in the 11 teams that participate in our amateur league, the JFL. Here at Jödö, we provide a space for both amateurs and former league players to come together and enjoy the sport of floorball.


Experience the passion of sports with JÖDÖ MTÜ

Videos from training and games


The Sports Club is happy to be able to offer videos of our games and trainings. Games are live streamed on YouTube and VEO platforms for easy access from anywhere. We also upload recordings of games and trainings to our YouTube channel for those who are unable to watch the games live. Our videos are a great way to stay connected with the team, even if you can't be there in person. We invite you to watch our videos and follow along with our progress.

Links to Veo and YouTube channels in the logos next to this text.

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Sponsors of JFL

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