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JFL (Jödö Floorball League)

JFL is a sports league that is all about the fun, excitement and camaraderie of the game. Founded in 2015, JFL has been providing amateurs with a platform to play their favorite sports and make new friends.

This summer, we are offering trainings and organized games for all of our players. We believe that sports should be about having fun and promoting good sportsmanship. Come join us for the ultimate sports experience


Livestreams and videos


At JFL, we are dedicated to providing a great sporting experience for sports fans. We strive to make it easy for fans to watch their favorite teams live, no matter where they are. That’s why we offer livestreams of all our matches on two different platforms, VEO and YouTube. We also use AI camera technology to enhance the viewing experience. Plus, all teams have their own playlists on YouTube and their own team page on our website. Join us for an unforgettable sports experience

  • YouTube

Sponsors of JFL

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