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Oxdog's HYPERLIGHT series has for many seasons been one of the brand's absolute best sellers, and one of the hottest clubs on the market.

For season 23/24, we at Klubbhuset have produced a unique self-designed Hyperlight HES 27 together with Oxdog, and it is a real hit in appearance!

This shiny black shaft, with purple text and details, and the white grip wrap together create a very stylish and stylish club that stands out from the crowd!

The Hyperlight is a lightweight club with optimal performance and balance, and one of the best-selling models in its category several seasons in a row.
The shaft is made of a unique high-performance and responsive carbon fiber that Oxdog calls T2500 High Pressure Carbon. At the top is their popular LightCap knob, which contributes to the low weight. 

This floorball stick comes fitted with the FSL blade in MBC2 plastic (PP plastic with two carbon fiber discs, for extra stiffness with minimal weight impact).
FSL is Oxdog's latest blade model, where low weight, torsional stiffness and a good scalding and prehook are combined. Simply a low weight shot blade!

This model has flex 27 mm and round grip profile. 
27-flex is one of the most popular hardnesses. It is versatile and suits most types of players, i.a. many men's players, women's players and older juniors.

Oxdog Innebandyklubba Hyperlight HES 27 - FSL (23/24)

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